Coverage for the possible damages derived from the actions of your tenant.

The services of inspection and inventory are performed during the delivery of the keys of a new renting contract . With the previous conformity of the new tenant and the owner or agent, INSPECT's report will detail the condition of the property when it was first rented. Besides the observations of the status of the house, we also add an inventory section accompanied with pictures. Everything contained in the reports is later used to avoid misunderstandings and facilitate the settlement of any damage done.

The agency or owner has the option to entrust INSPECT.ES the custody of the report for the term of the contract. In this case, at the conclusion of the contract we will update the original report with an assessment of the property and a professional valuation of any damage with relation to the original state.

Advantatges for the landlord:

Rent your property with complete transparency .
Facilitate the rent of your property offering our service. The report will offer a value added differentiator to other properties.
Avoid misunderstandings at the end of the contract. The report will be the legal evidence of the state of the property when it was first rented.
Ensure your investment

The INSPECT report will give you protection and independent evidence to claim any damage upon termination of the renting contract.

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