Advantages for the buyer :

Are you sure of what you are buying?

Buying a house is possibly the most important investment of your life. The decision of which house to buy will undoubtedly have consequences that will affect you for many years. Therefore, the more information you have about the property, the lower the risk of finding unexpected surprises. A professional real-estate inspection reduces significantly this risk and contributes to make the whole purchasing process less stressful, simpler and more secure.

This service of doing a real-estate inspection as a condition to close the deal, is designed, among other things, to be used as a tool of negotiation during the process of negotiation.

The result of the inspection report with all the information about the property and the estimate of any repairs needed, will serve an objective element of negotiation before any documents are signed.

Do not sign any agreement or contract before the inspection.

Avoid misunderstandings or surprises before doing the most important investment of our life.
The report is an excellent tool of negotiation at the moment of fixing the final price of the property.
You will obtain a complete and objective insight of what you are buying.
The value of an inspection
No property is perfect.

What does not seem like a great problem, may result being an expensive repair. Prevention is the best way to save money and stress, avoiding unexpected surprises.
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