The report - Basic Sections

The inspection of a house must not be confused with the appraisal of the property.
Whereas an appraisal is an estimation of the market value by professional appraiser, the inspection of a house is the verification of the property to determine its condition.

The report includes all the aspects of the house and are detailed and accompanied of pictures of those areas that need attention. Likewise for each item detected there is an estimate to repair it.

INSPECT's basic report includes the following elements:
Location and general information, Zoning, Local Normative & Building Affectations, Proximity to the principal points of interest, etc...

2- External Observations:
FACHADE AND NEIGHBORING BUILDINGS , community terraces, parking, etc...

3- Interior Observations:
Doors and windows, floors and floor boards, walls and ceilings, kitchen cabinets and appliances, electric wiring, sockets & switches, etc...

4- Heating and air conditioning

5- Plumbing

6- Electrical Installation

7- Other spaces

Aditional services:
Check the certificate of occupancy

Verify the payments to the community

Aluminosis / Termites

Verify the sprinkler system in gardens and terraces

Overall, More than 400 points checked that will give you an objective view of the condition of the house!

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