How was INSPECT created:

After several years of growth and preparation we finally created INSPECT with the aim to fill the existing market necessity in our country.  In Spain there is not customary to make an inspection during the purchase or rental of real-state to support and advice individuals and companies. Inspired by the North American model, INSPECT is the new Home Inspection service in Spain.  Many other countries, such as Canada, Australia, France, Germany and the UK, already have this service as part of the purchasing process. In fact since December of 2007 all properties in England and Wales that have been marketed for sale have been required to have a Home Inspection Pack (HIP).  
After a long residence in USA, and a few real-estate transactions of their own, we decided to create INSPECT to offer this service in Spain.  We are conscious of the enormous effort necessary to make this new service known in a different culture, but we also recognize and have the conviction that the benefits that this service offers, especially in the current economical climate, is welcome and will finally be imposed as a de-facto for all real-estate transactions. In fact the success obtained up to the date confirms it!!!
In these moments of economic difficulty we need to contribute with added value elements, not only for those who are thinking of buying, but also for the seller of a property, who seeks to differ from the traditional methods of selling, with an independent guarantee certifying the condition the property.
The base of our growth has been to support our clients at the moment of their greatest investment decision.  The transparency of our service and the professionalism of our technical and support group, in positioning us firmly on the real-estate inspection market.

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