Advantages for the seller:

Ensure the sale:

In today’s economic situation, buyers are more skeptical about what their purchase. With INSPECT, you can increase the options to sale your property by giving the prospect buyer confidence about the condition of the property.  Remember an appraiser doesn't normally inspect the home for problems. Improve the sale of your house creating the necessary climate of confidence and transparency.  When the buyer has a detailed report of the condition of the house, whatever the situation, he/she will have the tranquility of knowing that once taken the decision there will be no surprises.
INSPECT´s report will contribute to give the confidence that an undecided buyer needs.
It can make the difference between closing or not closing the operation.
The INSPECT report will show that you are ahead of the competition, giving transparency to the deal and value added confidence to your property.
The value of an inspection
Contributes to create the confidence thay the buyer needs.
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